Mission Statement

Unity is our Priority & Strength

  • To emphasize the importance of integration & cooperation of all different Asian communities under one strong & cohesive entity.
  • To create awareness within the Asian communities regarding political & social issues that can impact the future of Asians in the State of Nevada.
  • To encourage & support Asian leaders to acquire public offices through elections and appointments.
  • To actively cultivate & preserve each Asian unique culture, values, and traditions by sharing, organizing, participating & celebrating all cultural festivities with the ultimate intent of promoting & presenting a strong unity among Asians.
  • To promote & encourage active involvement of all Asian youth in various social & political functions in order to ensure a steady continuous establishment of the current entity.
  • To continuously provide opportunities and information for Asians to broaden and strengthen their understanding of mainstream American’s traditions and way of life with the ultimate goal of assisting Asians to assimilate comfortably into the American culture.

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